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About Us

MIFX Trading LiputanTV.com was launched with one goal: providing traders with reliable and unbiased reviews of the top forex brokers.

Being an informational site, we strive to give every insight into the latest dealing technologies and cover the latest broker news.

As well as providing helpful information about online brokerages, trading platforms, types of forex accounts and a quick guide on the basics of online FX trading.

Currently MIFX Trading LiputanTV.com has a Home Office with details below:

  • Street:  Jl KH Mas Mansyur 89 A, Dki Jakarta
  • City: DKI Jakarta
  • State/province/area: Jakarta
  • Phone number: 021-31923083
  • Zip code: 10230
  • Country calling code: +62
  • Country: Indonesia